Monday, December 17, 2007

Some typical Hungarian Christmas cakes

Beigli is the most popular Hungarian Xmas cake, which is a traditional holiday roll filled with poppy seeds or walnut.

originally uploaded kis.fadi

Mákos guba (Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding)

Poppy seed flan for Xmas

Kossuth kenyér, sponge cake baked with walnut, cinnamon and cocoa.

We call it Kossuth kifli, it is a butter sponge cake with walnut on the top

As you can see, mostly the poppy seed and walnut play the main role in our traditional Xmas cakes. I promise that I'm going to share with you my Xmas cake recipes, too.


Vicki said...

Could you post the recipe (or email to me) for beigli? My best friends are from Hungary, and I'd love to make this for them for Christmas!

Nóri said...

just follow the link and watch the video :)

Unknown said...

Please, could you share the recipe for this Kossuth kifli, looks great!!!
My email is

Thank you and Happy Chrismas and a great New Year!

Sarah said...

Would you be willing to post the recipe for the Poppy Seed Flan? It looks as if you used cookie cutters to create the shops. Looks delicious!!