Saturday, April 19, 2014

Matzah (matzo) ball soup

Few years ago, I shared with you all about the Hungarian Easter Ham and Easter Customs. But as I'd already written it I originates from a half Jewish family, and this year Easter is almost at the same time as Passover, hence today let me share the recipie of matzah (matzo) ball (dumpling) soup, which is a tradtional passover food.

At first cook a kosher meat soup. Make the matzo dumplings and served with the soup, like Eszter
Eszter is one of my friends, and she is a talented hungarian jewish gastro blogger, but she has also written a novel. Of course, the theme of her novel is Judaism and jewish dishes.

Try out her recipe! 

Ingredients for the matzo dumplings:

4 eggs
10 dkg (dekagramm) matzo flour
1 tabelspoon goose fat
1/2 bunch fresh parsley (minced)
salt, black pepper, ground ginger and nutmeg (to taste)


1. Break the matzo in small pieces and soak in hot water.
2. Mix ingrediantes wih yolks
3. Add the beaten white of eggs gradually to the mixture
4. Create balls (dumpling forms)
5. Let rest the dumplings for at least few minutes.
6. Cook the balls salted boiling water.

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