Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pozsonyi kifli / Pozsony crescent

Pozsonyi kifli

"Pozsonyi kifli ("POZSH-ONE-NYEE-KEEF-LEE") comes either diós (stuffed with walnut) or mákos (stuffed with poppy seeds). They are crescent shaped pastries made with yeast-raised dough, named for the Hungarian name of the city of Bratislava."

Source: www.chew.hu


The taste is smilar to the Hungarian beigli, which is a traditional holiday roll filled with poppy seeds or walnut and the most popular Hungarian Xmas cake.

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Decorations By Design said...

I just stumbled onto your site! I spent a few weeks in Gyor (U.S. keybords won't let me accent that properly), back in 2001. I've been wanting to make some authentic Hungarian food for my husband, so I'm excited to find your recipes!