Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunny cake


I baked this sunny cake with vanilla cream for my daughter’s name day. Yes, today is 29th of December and day of Tamra in Hungary.

Tamara, happy name day to you! :)

happy name day -2

The recipe is similar like my Hedgehog cake recipe. Just let free your imagination and be creative!


Angeluna said...


Your blog is wonderful, your photos beautiful and your recipes enticing. I just found it and have sent the link to all of my admittedly small Hungarian-American family. The patriarch, a genuine 89 year old Magyar, said the Christmas blogs reminded him of things long ago.

I hope the younger ones will add some of your classic Hungarian holiday treats to their Christmas traditions.

You definitely make us want to come to the Christmas Market in Budapest.

Thank you.

k said...


I was wondering do you have the recipe of Mignon?