Saturday, November 22, 2008

Strudel and "Rétes Büfé" at Normafa

A strudel is a type of sweet layered pastry with filling inside, that became well known and gained popularity in the Habsburg Empire.


The word itself derives from the German word Strudel, which literally means "eddy" or "whirlpool". It is most often associated with Austrian cuisine, but is also a traditional pastry in the whole area formerly belonging to the Austro-Hungarian empire (for example, in Hungary it is known as Rétes, in Slovenia as štrudelj, in Czech Republic as závin or štrúdl, in Romania as ştrudel, in Croatia as štrudla).

The best-known kinds are apple strudel and cottage cheese strudel (with sweet cottage cheese, my personal fave :)). Other strudels types include sour cherry and poppy seed strudel or raisins. There are also savory strudels incorporating spinach, cabbage and sauerkraut. Strudel pastry is very elastic. It is made from flour with a high gluten content, little fat (butter) and no sugar. The pastry is rolled out and stretched very thinly.

Pertaining to anecdotes, purists say, it should be so thin that a newspaper can be read through it. A legend has it that the Austrian Emperor's cook decreed that it should be possible to read a love letter through it. The pastry is laid out on a tea towel and the filling is spread on it. Then it is rolled up carefully with the help of the towel and baked in the oven.

It probably has its origins in Byzantine Empire or Middle Eastern pastries (see baklava and Turkish cuisine), and is related to the Balkan. It is very popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other ex-Yugoslav republics.

Source: wikipedia


Normafa is a popular place for excursions in Budapest located in the XII. district and in winter its a perfect place for skiing, sledging and snowboarding with great view to the city. There are few buffets (American hot-dog, mulled wine, hot tea, some grocery stores).

Normafa - Rétes Büfé

And there is my favorite small wooden shade hiding behind the ski-buffet building, it's called "Rétes Büfé" (Strudel Buffet) and you can find there the most delicious strudel, what I've ever eaten it. :)

Normafa - Rétes Büfé


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Anonymous said...

I live in the USA. My ethnic background is Hungarian & Puerto Rican (island in the caribbean). In the USA they call these pastries. But my Hungarian family makes them better than you can buy in any bakery around here. Also in Puerto Rico they make these pastries with local fruits for fillings. Usually with Guava, but sometimes with pineapple or other tropical fruits. Also Delicous :)