Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary


Last Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary. For this occasion I wanted to surprise my husband with an "8" form cake. But my children pressured me to create a "teddy bear" cake. :) And I 'accepted' their influence :)

Maci torta-2

I never thought before, that I would be waiting for my husband with a teddy bear cake :)

Maci torta

The recipe is similar like my Hedgehog cake recipe, but now I prepared the cake with punch flavor. Try it!

puncs torta


Grenadine said...

mazl tov! :)

Jo Peattie said...

congratulations, did he like the cake?

Nóri said...

Eszter, köszi!

Thank you Jo Peattie! Of course he liked the cake, it was very delicious.

peterpascoe25 said...

Try going to

eric waligora said...

Try going to