Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why I love autumn?

Here are some reasons why I love autumn so much:


Pannónia kincse


mézzel készített sütőtök :)


and the other reasons you can find here and here!

I wish you nice and colorful autumn days!

Monday, October 27, 2008



Like the alma (apple) the körte ("KUHR-TE") is cultivated widely and in several varieties in Hungary, most notably the vilmos körte (Williams or Bartlett pear, pronounce "VEELMOSH KUHR-TE"). Its widespread use for making pálinka (fruit brandy) is such that any pálinka made from pear is often called simply vilmos körte.

but honestly I prefer the fresh vilmoskörte like fruit :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Szatmári plum cake

Every year a special birthday cake is prepared to celebrate our country's foundation. The National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners selects the best recipe submitted by confectioners from all over Hungary. This year the Zila Coffee House - Krisztina Confectionery's recipe for Szatmári plum cake won.

szatmári szilvatorta

And finally yesterday before I've tasted it! It was very delicious. I recommend you try it on day!

The cake is made with the fragrant Hungaricum the plum brandy (pálinka) from Szatmár region. Szatmári szilvapálinka is very famous and popular. Look at the advertisement boat on the Lake Balaton :)

Szatmári szilvapálinka

PS: Last year the floating island cake (or bird's milk cake) was the birthday cake of Hungary. And it'd became my personal fave :)

madártej torta

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary


Last Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary. For this occasion I wanted to surprise my husband with an "8" form cake. But my children pressured me to create a "teddy bear" cake. :) And I 'accepted' their influence :)

Maci torta-2

I never thought before, that I would be waiting for my husband with a teddy bear cake :)

Maci torta

The recipe is similar like my Hedgehog cake recipe, but now I prepared the cake with punch flavor. Try it!

puncs torta