Sunday, July 20, 2008



Of course gofri is not a typical Hungarian food (it originates from Belgian), but I have got a gofri baker and I found a very good recipe on "Mindmegette" page, which is one of the most popular Hungarian recipe site.

After that I tried this recipe out, my 6 years old son said: "mummy you baked me The Cake of My Life" :)))

Let's take a look the recipe of the cake of my son's life :)

40 dkg flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 3 egg, 12 dkg butter, 1 pack vanilla sugar, 12 dkg sugar, little salt, half liter milk

1. Separate the yolks from the egg whites. Whip the egg white until stiff. Mix all other ingredients and then carefully, add the whipped egg white.
4. Bake in the gofri baker for 4 minutes (per piece).


Deborah Horn said...

Hello Nora,
My name is Deborah. My husband and I just returned from a wonderful visit to Budapest.
We rented an apartment on Vorosmarty ut, district 6. We like to shop and cook for ourselves.
We have no command of Hungarian beyond the very basic polite phrases, so shopping was an adventure.
On our first day we purchased in the dairy case, what we we though was a small package of butter.
It wasn't, we didn't have any idea what it was, and we never did figure it out. The closest we came was a guess that it might have been some kind of concentrated bean curd for a stock base, similar to bullion cubes.
But, I did bring the wrapper home with me to try to research it.
I've been on translation sights and can't find it at all.
It is a yellow wrapper with red print. The company name is BUDAFOK and the product is called Sutoeleszio.
Can you tell me what this product was and how we could have used it?

Nóri said...

Hi Deborah

Sütő élesztő means cake yeast and Budafok is a part of Budapest in district 22nd. I guess the company is situated there.

dorothy62 said...

Kellemes meglepetés,hogy megjelentél a magyar oldalakon, üdvözöllek: