Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hedgehog cake :)

My son celebrated his 6th birthday last weekend. Happy birthday to you Vili!


I baked him this cake with chestnut flavor. It was pretty good. One of the Hungarian children's story (written and illustrated by Erika Bartos inspired me to bake the "hedgehog" form. And of course both of my children were very enthusiastic and very helpful. :)


The recipe is very easy. At first bake a simple sponge cake.

Ingredients for the base cake:
6 egg,
30 dkg flour,
37,5 dkg sugar,
6 tbs hot water,
1/2 lemon,
1 tsp baking powder

1. Mix yolks with sugar, add the 4 tbs water and mix.
2. Add and the lemon juice, the flour and the baking powder and mix well.
3. Finally add the whipped white of eggs.
4. Then put the whole mass into the cake form.
5. Bake at 180 Celsius, for 25-30 minutes.

Then prepare the chestnut cream.

Ingredients for the cream:
25 dkg chestnut mass,
5 dkg butter,
about 3/4 liter milk,
icing sugar (to taste) and
1,5 tbs vanilla pudding powder (for the roux).

Slice the cake and mix with the cooked chestnut cream in a large bowl. Make hedgehog form and decorate with drageé, chocolate sprinkle and chocolate flavor cereals.



Bon Apetit!

Monday, May 12, 2008

She is four :) Have a look at her birthday cake!

My little daughter is already four years old :) Tamara, happy birthday to you!

She is four :)

Happy birthday to Tamara!

She "ordered" this sort of cake, you can read the recipe here. (But today I used 6 egg, 30 dkg flour, 37,5 dkg sugar, 6 tbs hot water, 1/2 lemon, 1 tsp baking powder,1/2 l conserve sour cherry.)