Monday, April 21, 2008

Raspberry Syrup

Málnaszörp és szalmaszál:)

Photo: Nóra

There wasn't a wide choice of refreshing drinks in my childhood. That time in Hungary we could choose only three or four drinks, for example between Traubi and raspberry syrup. My grandmother used to prepare raspberry syrup every year and we drunk it with soda (sparkling water). Her version was very delicious and natural.

Nowadays the raspberry syrup is living its Renaissance. It's called "málnaszörp" in Hungarian and you can find it in any of the Hungarian supermarket or you can order it in some retro place. Don't forget to try it one day!


Dode said...

Since moving here 6 weeks ago I've also found Bodza, a little sweet but a really nice taste. In the UK we make a similar drink but it's not widely available commercially.
I realise the drink (from apenta?) doesn't have the quality of the original but it's also dependable. My attempts at making elder blossom fizz often ended in a rather unpleasant off smelling liquor.
I also found Bodza beer at the weekend, fantastic.

Unknown said...

Hi! Do you know how to make the raspberry syrup?? I tried in Europe, but they don't sell it back here in Mexico. Please answer me, I absolutely loved this drink. :D
This is my email :
Thanks on advance!