Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Home made milk-loaf with cinnamon


45-50 dkg flour, 5 dkg sugar, 4 dkg butter, 3 dl milk, 1 egg, 1 tbs sour cream, 1 dkg yeast, 1 tsp grained cinnemon, a pinch of salt

Put, mix and knead the ingredients in the bread baker machine and bake on milk loaf (or cake) program with medium crust color.

Marci és a fahéjas kalács

To be honest I wanted to take a photo of the milk-loaf before slicing, but the children (my and their friends) just arrived from cycling and they were very hungry, hence I could take photos just about the sliced milk-loaf together with the children :)

Tamus és a fahéjas kalács

Vili és a fahéjas kalács

Benci és a fahéjas kalács


phzs said...

Izé, hogy is van ez? Mehl van a milkloaf-ban?

Nóri said...

nem flour (elírás) köszi hogy szóltál, bár tehetted volna udvariasabban is