Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sponge cake with sour cherry

Before baking:
before baking

After baking:
meggyes piskóta

It called "meggyes piskóta" in Hungarian. It's a (sponge) cake filled with sour cherry. It is a very simple, but very popular cake in Hungary.

I always miss the fresh cherry and sour cherry in winter, but luckily in my family the grandmothers usually bottle fruits for winter. So I have possibility to fill my cake with their delicious bottled fruits :)


cseresznye, cherry

My sponge cake recipe you may read here.


Judith said...

Hm, de finom. Meg tudnék most enni egy egész tepsivel. De sajnos diétázom. :-( Legalább a szemem eszi. :-)

Nóri said...

biztos van diétás receptje is :)