Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hungarian layered potato

My this week's post on the Hungary starts here blog:
rakott krumpli
The Hungarian layered (plated) potato is my "Today's recommendation", it's called "rakott krumpli" in Hungarian. I know that with this recommendation I'm breaking the rules of Fast, but I've promised in my previous post :) For those of you who are keeping to the Fast or if you are vegetarians, you may wish to prepare this dish based on my recipe without meat. But to be honest the "rakott krumpli" tasts the best and is only good with the Hungarian sausage, as in my photos :)

Rakott krumpli

"Rakott krumpli" is a typical Hungarian home-made main dish, hence you can never find it the menus of the elegant Hungarian restaurants. You can see this view only within the kitchens of Hungarian families or maybe in the "less-expensive" Hungarian self-service eating outlets.

I'm a big fan of all of the Hungarian food, which consists of flavors that are determined by the sausage and I constantly feel that I'm lucky, because here in Hungary, we have lots of different types of national food which are prepared using sausages :)

By the way I guess Hungary is deservedly famous for the sausages. I'm sure that you have already heard about both of the Hungarian gyulai and csabai sausages and you have already seen the fired (grilled) sausage, for example in winter in the Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty Square or in summer at Lake Balaton. There are many street vendors, where you can buy Hungarian fried fish and fried sausage too. If you travel to Hungary I'm recommending to you TRY IT!

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was on some official business at the Travel Exhibition. I have to participate in this event every year and the gastronomic part, which I always enjoy the most. My personal favorite was the stand, called Békéscsaba stand, where even the fence is made of sausages.

"Even the fence is made of sausages there"

"Even the fence is made of sausages there" is a Hungarian proverb and originally it means that: there everyone is rich in everything. Tha fact is Békéscsaba is really reach in sausage :)))

Now shall, I write down the ingredients of my recipe? Oh, this is the point which makes me confuse. I'm always having trouble when I write down the ingredients' quantities as I've already written it before.

Well in any case, I still hope you will enjoy this recipe:

1. Cook 1 kilo (or more) potatoes in their jackets in salty water until tender and ask your husband to peel and slice them :)

2. Hard-boil 5 (or less or more) eggs and when cool enough to handle then ask your children to peel and slice them :)

3. Slice a bigger (or in smaller slices, whichever you prefer) the Hungarian sausage.

4. Put the ingredients a greased pan or a deep casserole. Start with a layer of potatoes, salt the layer and sprinkle with bits of butter or little oil. (I prefer oil.) Add a few pieces of sausage and slices of eggs, then cover with a layer of potatoes. Add salt and oil. Repeat the eggs and sausage layer and cover with potatoes.

5. Spread 2-3 deciliter sour cream and scatter with grained cheese and a little oil. Bake in a medium heat oven for 35-40 minutes.

6. Serve with beet-root or any other pickles!

rakott krumpli

7. And finally wash your child's face and hands! :)

céklás Tama :)


Vicki said...

Rokott krumpli is my absolute favorite Hungarian dish! Don't tell anyone, but I even like it with hot dogs if Hungarian sausage can't be found.

olivia said...

Hello there!
It's good friday here in Singapore. This means a holiday. And hence, a long weekend.
Came across your blog..and you are tempting me to try this recipe out!

Nóri said...

Vicki, I'm glad that you like our rakott krumpli :) and of course I keep your secret :)

Olivia, today is is good Friday here in Hungary, too, but unfortunately it isn't Holiday here. And good luck for trying! :)

Judith said...

Ez volt ma az ebédünk. Köszi az ötletet. :-)

Andrea said...

I absolutely love rakott krumpli, I think I am going to have to make this dish very soon. Although we can't really buy Hungarian sausages here in England, I think some of the Polish sausages or Italian ones that are available will have to do.