Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jelly Festival in Miskolc

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Jelly Festival - Winter in Miskolc

The saying: „He is trembling like the frog in the miskolc-jelly” and this story of the frog which got stucked in the jelly had given the idea to organize in every February, a winter festival in Miskolc where the main course is frog, and the jelly is in the center of the event.

(photo: Pászkán Zsolt)

The Jelly Festival in Miskolc, is a three-day long joyful event, recalling the atmosphere of the ancient famous markets in the town. Several entertaining programmes as well as the paradise of tasty jellies (usually they make more than 20,000 portions) and high quality cultural events awaits YOU.

(photo: Pászkán Zsolt)

During the Jelly Festival, on 22nd-23rd of February (Friday-Saturday), a non-stop dance festival will be held in the National Theater of Miskolc. Everyone can join without age-limit, simply with a registration. You can dance alone, with your partner, or in a group. To your own music or to the music provided by the theater. (Source: Hungary starts here)

(photo: Pászkán Zsolt)

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You may read more information about Miskolc city and its surrounding here.

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