Sunday, December 9, 2007

Apple in coat (alma bundában)

We call it apple in coat, the recipe is very simple. Make a pancake dough , put the apple slices in the pancake dough, fry in deep oil until golden brown and serve with cinnamon icing sugar.

Maybe it's a little bit heavy food, but very delicious.


pik said...

I like your Blog. Thank you for posting all this information on Magyar food. I live in the USA but I am a big fan of Hungarian food and cook it quite often. I was in Hungary the first time 3 years ago and I had some great food. I loved the fried fish in Lake Balaton and I had a great mushroom soup at the top of Visegrad. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but it was at the very top of Visegrad and it was good. Keep up the nice work...thank you

Nóri said...

Thanks for your nice comment. I'm gald that you like my blog. I don't know that reaturant, what you wrote about it, but hope you'll visit my country again :)