Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mákos guba (Hungarian poppy seed bread pudding)

I don’t know exactly how say it in english, maybe the “poppy seed bread pudding” is a correct translation.

Mákos guba is a special hungarian dessert, made of crescent rolls, poppy seed and milk. Earlier I didn’t like this dish, but one day Márti (one of my friends) made me and her version was unspeakable delicius, so I asked the recipe.

15 dkg ground poppyseed
15 dkg icing sugar
1 liter milk
4 egg whites and yolks
1 vanilla sugar
10 piece crescent rolls

At first slice up the dry crescent rolls and place the slices into the baking dish, like me.

Put the milk and the poppy seeds in a pot and cook about ten minutes. Add vanilla sugar and icing sugar and mix well. If the milk is lukewarm add the yolks to the pot and mix carefully. Beat up the egg whites until they are stiff and mix with the other ingredients. Pour the whole mass into the baking dish (cover the crescent roll slices with the mass) and bake over medium flame for about twenty minutes. I like mostly when it’s already cool down.

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gerdamiklos said...

My absolute favorite !!! Awesome food and you can't get it wrong..ENJOY ! :)