Sunday, September 9, 2007

Birthday cake of Hungary

20th of August is one of the biggest National Holiday in Hungary when we celebrate the birth of our state (Hungary was established in 1000), the day of our first king - 1st (Saint) Stephen, and the constitution of Hungary. In this year the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office had asked The National Federation of Hungarian Confectioners to make a new cake recipe on the occasion of the state of Hungary's birthday.

The members of the Federation of Confectioners had created the new recipe and the Floating Island Cake is the result.

ország tortája

I’m very lucky, because my sister-in-law’s family has an own confectionery and she'd brought us Floating Island Cake (madártej torta), so I’ve already tasted it. It was delicious; I recommend you try it one day!

The Hungarian Floating Island or Madártej (as we call it in Hungarian, that means Bird's Milk) originally is Bourbon-vanilla custard in a chilled glass cup with whipped egg-whites dumplings floating on top.

In my childhood my grandma used to prepare madártej pretty often :).

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