Saturday, June 9, 2007

Törley Champagne

Champagne production was only possible after the invention of cork stops. In Hungary Esch and Co. (1833), Littke from Pécs (1876), and from the eighties of the past century Törley from Budafok (1882) were the first to deal with champagne production. József Törley founded his own champagne factory in France, which was moved to Promontor (Budafok) in 1882. His factory was run by a foreman of French origin, a certain Louis François. First wines from Promontor, Sashegy, and later from Etyek were used as base wines In the course of nationalisation (1950) the champagne factory Hungária was established. Later on new factories were founded all over the country: in the towns Pécs, Hosszúhegy, Izsák, Kiskunhalas, Kecskemét, Balatonboglár. In the eighties Hungarovin bought the right of name usage and the technology from the François family. Since then Hungária has been producing Törley and François champagnes.
By the way from my previous flat’s balcony I could see the Törley Castle every day, but saying the truth I don’t like this beverage, I prefer wine to champagne.
If you want to know more information about the Hungarian Törley Champagne just click here.

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