Saturday, June 30, 2007


One day I hadn’t enough time to cook, so I ordered pizza.

Everybody knows that pizza is Italian, but in the Hungarian Pizzeria you can choose many sorts of pizza with the typical Hungarian flavors. For example in one of my favorite pizzeria you can find “Budapest Pizza”, which consists of bacon, pea, chicken liver, mushroom, onion, cheese and lecsó. Lecsó is a typical Hungarian food and I will tell the details about it in one of my next entries.

By the way in winter I had spent few days in Italy and finally I’d wanted to eat an authentic Italian pizza in an authentic Italian pizzeria, but I was so surprised because I found the most special Pizzeria in heart of Venice. The owners and all of the waiters were Chinese. The pizza was good, but it wasn’t really Italian flavor. So I call this situation: “the totally globalization” but I guess it’s not bad. I like to live in a global world, where the different cultures and flavors are mixed. This world will be more colorful and the food will be more and more delicious day by day.

Ps. If you have a good pizza recipe please share with me!


Rodrigo said...

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Nóri said...

Thanks for visitng my blog and your comment, but I don't understand, could you translate it?