Friday, June 22, 2007

Fruits and vegetables

Before you begin to think that we eat just heavy food, I decided to share my fruits and vegetables photos, I took them in the market (in Fény utca next to my workplace).

Market (Fény utca) Market (Fény utca)
peach=őszibarack, apricot=sárgabarack, melon=görögdinnye, cantaloup=sárgadinnye, raspberry=málna, strawberry=eper, cherry=cseresznye, sour cherry= meggy, aubergine=padlizsán, zucchini=cukkini, apple=alma, muschroom=gomba, green pepper=zöldpaprika, tomato=paradicsom, green onion= újhagyma

1 comment:

Andrea said...

That is such a lovely sight of all the beautiful vegetables and fruit. Markets like that are something I really miss in England, there are no markets near where I live and the vegetables and fruit in the supermarkets are just not the same.