Saturday, June 2, 2007

"Even the fence is made of sausages there"

"Even the fence is made of sausages there" says one of the Hungarian proverbs.

It means there everybody is rich in everything.

Official site of Békéscsaba says: In a natural intestine casing, preserved by smoking and drying, the Csabai sausage has a unique taste. It is typically spicy, and tastes of paprika.
Sausage is commonly eaten with bread and in Hungary people love to eat it with green pepper as well. Wine makers favor it as a 'borkorcsolya' (a spiced food which makes one savor wine), while in German speaking areas it is often served as a delicacy next to beer.
The Csabai sausage is a meat product made by people living in Békéscsaba, and in the surrounding villages. These Slovakian and Hungarian peasants developed the sausage over generations of home pig slaughters. The main requirement of the Csabai sausage is not the place it is made, but rather the way it has been made, its ingredients, and the use of spices. Its flavour matures in the smoking process: in earlier days, sausages were smoked in open chimneys with smoke from burning hay or sweet corn stems while in the 20th century people used beech sawdust, or sweet corn cobs.
The Sausages Festival of Csaba has become one of the largest gastronomic festivals of Hungary, which awaits the lovers of gastronomic specialities on four days of October every year.

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