Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I guess Tokaji Aszú is the most famous Hungarian wine in the world. In 1703, Ferenc Rákóczi, Prince of Transylvania, gave Louis XIV (king of France) bottles from his Tokaj estate as a gift. Tokaji was then served at the Versailles Court, where it became known under the name of Tokaj. Delighted with the precious beverage, Louis XIV entitled it the "WINE OF KINGS, KING OF WINES". This is how Tokaj wines started to conquer Europe and became the favourite drink of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Frederic II. of Prussia, Voltaire, Goethe, and Schubert. If you travel to Hungary, don't forget to visit the famous Hungarian wine producing areas and the best wine cellars!

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Andi said...

Szia Nora,

I am just starting to read your lovely blog, but looking forward to more Hungarian delights :-)

Just wanted to say that my boyfriend and I visited Tokaj last summer and had a wonderful time. We did a little winetasting tour around town, visited 3 or 4 cellars, it was lovely and the wine is soooo amazing, my favourite of all wines !!